About Us

MIG Baltic is a trading and distribution company based in Riga, Latvia. SIA "MIG Baltic" was established in november of 2009 and it makes to shiver for most of the business world, remembering this time. So this extreme decission at that time has become our "business card" - we have been through "rough times" from day 1 and never the less we have made our way through and at the moment MIG Baltic have strong positions in wholesale segment in Latvia.


Our basic category of clients consist of non-food retailers mainly in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Another category is industrials - this is more B2C type of business, but nevertheless, this type of trading helps to build up our skills and be aware of quality issues in our assortment.


Germany, Poland, Sweeden, Finland, Italy and Belgium are only some of home countries for our partners. We are doing big effort for building up MIG Baltic's reputation from 0 just five years ago. Now we are granted with a trust from leading Europes insurance and credit risk companies. This motivates us work even harder to our perfection and higher trust level. If You are already bored reading this - we ofer a WIN-WIN business model to our potential partners.


We are not selling our products just because we are able to. The process of trading starts from demand and this is a key in every reasonable act of trading. Each moment our sales managers are colecting information about demands, trends and other criteria to be the first who offer the goods client is really looking for. In this sense, we are really analyzing our assortment to give the best value vs. quality offer. Please see our Catalog category to see our assortment closer.

Online shop INSERV.LV:
INSERV.LV is the second pillar of the company and has been active since 2015. 
Before that, the company was active in the wholesale of tools.
The idea of e-commerce emerged as a logical step in the development of the company.  After six years of active operation, we decided to expand, and in 2021 we started operations in Estonia - INSERV.EE and in 2023 in Lithuania - INSERV.LT.

I appreciate You visited our website and Your efforts reading this!

member of the board
Martins Nikis