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MIG Baltic is a trading and distribution company based in Riga, Latvia. Abbreviation MIG has nothing to do with russian military jets although we like to compare our dynamic growth to dynamics of jet plane. SIA "MIG Baltic" was established in november of 2009 and it makes to shiver for most of the business world, remembering this time. So this extreme decission at that time has become our "business card" - we have been through "rough times" from day1 and never the less we have made our way through and at the moment MIG Baltic have strong positions in wholesale segment in Latvia.

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Склад и логистика:
GSM: (+371) 29004114
Fakss: (+371) 67613665

Поставщики и сотрудничество:
GSM: (+371) 20000010
Fakss: (+371) 67613665